Popular Cosmetic Surgery for men in India? It’s all about implants…

It used to be that a muscular chest and calves only came after putting in many punishing hours of hard work in the gym. But now many men in India are taking the surgical short-cut to the body of their dreams.

Silicone implants are gaining popularity with Indian men who want the “ripped” look without the pain of press-ups, squats and lunges. They work in exactly the same way as silicone breast implants, being used to enhance what is already there in the most natural way possible.

Placed in the chest, they enhance the size, shape and definition of the pectoralis major muscle, the thick muscle in the chest that is shaped like a fan.

If done correctly, chest implants look perfectly natural. The only difference between them and silicone breast implants is their size and shape. Whereas female breast implants are soft, full and round, male pectoral implants tend to be firmer and more square in shape, and approximately half as voluminous as breast implants.

And why stop at the chest? Surgeons also offer calf implants to men with slender lower legs who covet the “footballer look” sported by men like David Beckham. Cosmetic surgery it seems, is facing ever-new frontiers…

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