Pregnant star Imogen Thomas already thinking about post-birth Plastic Surgery

In an interview with a celebrity magazine this week ex-Big Brother star Imogen Thomas has told of her dismay at her growing baby bump and how she’’ll rush out to have plastic surgery once it arrives.

At five months’ pregnant she reveals she has put on a stone in weight so far and that she’’s not really happy about the gain as it makes her feel fat.

Despite the fact that putting on weight during pregnancy is to be expected, she is already thinking about what to do to return her figure back to its former glory after she has given birth.

Talking of stretch marks, she says: “”I’’ll be straight to Harley Street to remove them”.”

Thomas has already had breast implants, though in the same article she discusses the possibility of having a breast reduction after the birth, as her cup size has already increased to an F.

Whilst pregnancy can bring about changes in the body that don’’t necessarily return to exactly the way they were before, we would recommend that the reality TV star lets her body do what it has to do naturally and consider her options once she and her body have had a chance to settle after the baby’’s birth.

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