Question regarding Breast Augmentation OR Uplift?


This is a bit of a complicated question as I understand it is difficult to answer without the aid of a photograph or 1-2-1 consultation.

I’m a 23 year old female who has recently lost a fair bit of weight. My bust was a 32 F/FF prior to weight loss and it’s now somewhere around 30 E/DD. Like a large number of women who lose weight I have lost volume in the upper region of my breasts and when I am without a bra, this makes stretch marks and the like much more obvious.

Whilst I wouldn’t say that my breasts are overly saggy, I may perhaps need some type of a lift. My question is: can breasts be given volume back with just implants if the sag of the breasts is not too bad ( my nipples aren’t located at the bottom of the breast near the fold)?

Having a lift and implants is quite daunting due to the scars. My main concern is restoring volume in my breasts. Any answer would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you very much for your enquiry. It does sound very much as if you would benefit from a Bilateral Breast Augmentation to improve the volume of your bust.

There are a number of different implants for this. You may well need a Breast Uplift as well, depending on whether your nipples are in a low position. You mentioned that they are not at the bottom of your breast near the fold, so it may well be that a breast implant alone would be appropriate for you.

I would be happy to give you an opinion if you send us a photograph (this can be entirely anonymous – just crop out your head) to us at or, alternatively, you could schedule a consultation with myself or one of our other surgeons by calling my office on 01324 578290 and we would be happy to discuss the options with you.

Many thanks for your enquiry.

With Best Wishes,
The Aurora Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Team
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