Struck off Plastic Surgeon in new claim

A Plastic Surgeon who was struck off the medical register last year is at the centre of a new claim.

The Italian surgeon was operating in Dublin at the time and using PIP implants for his breast augmentation procedures. As a result, a number of women complained of complications.

He was found guilty of negligence with his first claimant, Kate Murray, as he failed to give adequate aftercare.

Murray, following her breast surgery in 2008, experienced acute pain across her chest and stomach. Believing something to be amiss she was repeatedly turned away from the clinic and assured that everything was fine.

It was only after repeated attempts that she was even able to see the surgeon. When he took a look at the breast implants he again assured Murray that all was well.

Soon after that she was taken to hospital where an infection that had spread from her chest to her stomach and back was diagnosed. As a result, the surgeon lost his medical licence, and has since been the subject of 14 claims.

New papers were lodged last Wednesday for another patient, who is suing for having PIP implants inserted. On the same day Kate Murray received an undisclosed amount of compensation from the clinic her surgeon operated from.

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