The perfect legs? It’s all in the bones

After 12 years of analysing several pairs of attractive legs, a Moroccan plastic surgeon has decided that the secret lies in the straightness of the bones from thigh to ankle.

Dr Fahd Benslimane looked at a variety of leg shapes and proportions from those who are deemed to have appealing pins in the Western world. Samples included fashion models, athletes, celebrities and even ancient Greek statues and Barbie dolls.

His theory states that the leg bone should deviate by no more than 3 degrees from spine to knee, and that the leg should also nip in at the right place at the knee and calf.

The outside of the calf should have a long curve whilst the inner calf should sport a short curve.

In addition to straight bones a slender leg also ensures perfection as this combination is supposed to suggest both fragility and strength. Amongst those that fit his ‘perfect’ leg are Victoria Beckham, The Duchess of Cambridge and Nicole Kidman.

While the thigh lift procedure already exists to help improve the appearance of the legs, Dr Benslimane’s findings – revealed in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal this month – could potentially lead to new plastic surgery procedures to help achieve the perfect proportions.

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