The rise in teenage Plastic Surgery – what do parents think?

A UK plastic surgery clinic has carried out research into the attitudes of parents when it comes to plastic surgery for their children.

2000 parents were questioned in the survey, which wanted to explore how parents felt about their under 18s and surgery – whether they would allow it or not and why there has been a rise in teenage surgery.

The majority said that they would only allow their children to have surgery if there were special circumstances eg. scarring or disfigurement. Those who would not allow it gave reasons such as wanting to let their body grow naturally and loving how their children look as they are.

Those who would allow their children to go under the knife cited reasons such as making their children feel better about themselves or to avoid bullying and harassment.

Interestingly, more fathers than mothers were accepting of plastic surgery with 14% of Dads saying that they would allow it compared to 1 in 10 women.

Overall, 87% of parents would not allow their children to undertake plastic surgery, however 6% believed that children aged between 16 and 18 should be entitled to make their own decisions about it. 2% even believed that pre-teens were capable of deciding for themselves.

Of children who do opt for surgery, ear pinning and rhinoplasty are the most common surgeries, with 31% and 25% of all operations in these respective areas.

Breast augmentation followed, however breast reduction surgery is twice as common as breast enhancement. Weight loss procedures and liposuction accounted for 21% of all operations.

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