The Seriously Slimming Liposuction Dress! (ASO Kate Winslet)

Liposuction or Tummy Tuck Effects…From a Dress?

Imagine a dress that took inches off you; gave you a svelte figure and teeny wasp waist, all without the aid of a corset. A dress that made it look like you’d had amazing expert liposuction or tummy tuck surgery!

Well, keep breathing…that dress really exists and it has made a number of public appearances of late on the likes of the lovely Kate Winslet.

Ms Winslet is an interesting model for any kind of ‘cosmetic surgery wonder dress’. She has always vehemently opposed cosmetic surgery, treatments to make you look younger and the need to conform to public expectations of beauty or adjust ones’ body accordingly.

Yet not once, but twice, she has been seen at public events in two variations of this miracle dress which shaves inches off the wearer’s body providing “instant Liposuction or Tummy Tuck” effects.

Surely this suggests some inkling of an urge to look a little slimmer, even if she is happy to do so by deception alone rather than permanently altering her physique?

So this dress slims by deception, you say?

Well, yes. The dress in question is the Stella McCartney Optical Illusion Dress from her Winter 2011 collection.

How does it work? Clever dark panelling on the outer sides of the dress contrast with the paler inner colour. This creates the illusion of a perfect slim but curvy silhouette, as if the wearer has been skilfully shaped by an expert cosmetic surgeon with Liposuction.

At the same time, heavy stretch cotton acts like a girdle to clamp in unsightly bulges and produce a natural Tummy Tuck effect without surgery. No wonder celebs worldwide are snapping it up!

Of course, if you are a celebrity you can probably afford the £2,500 price tag for skilfull clothing tricks like this dress (and can then afford to condone cosmetic surgery for others!)

You may be pleased to know that there are cheaper versions of this dress available on the highstreet: ASOS does a particularly good version (available in both burgundy and blue).

If you feel that your wobbly bits are really getting you down and it’ll take more than any wonder dress to boost your confidence, Aurora Clinics would be very happy to talk to you about more permanent solutions that may help. With expert surgeons specialising in procedures like Liposuction and Tummy Tuck surgery, we can talk you through all your cosmetic surgery options, provide lots of information and Before and After photos to show you likely results.

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