The Top 2 Cosmetic Surgery procedures for Mums

Are You a Mum Considering Cosmetic Surgery?

Many people mistakenly believe that mums don’t or shouldn’t consider cosmetic surgery because of their busy lives with their children. In fact, at Aurora Clinics we have found this not to be the case. We actually treat a lot of mums with children of varying ages.

Why Do Mums Opt For Cosmetic Surgery?

In our experience, the principal reason why mums consider surgery is to correct changes which occur after pregnancy and breastfeeding. These changes are typically in the chest and tummy region but can also occur in other areas of the body if people have put on a significant amount of weight during pregnancy and the skin does not retract fully.

Breast Surgery In Mums

One popular procedure amongst mums is a correction of changes in the breasts following pregnancy. Whether you breastfeed or not, many women do notice a significant change in their breast tissue after pregnancy. This is a perfectly natural result of stretching to accommodate the production of milk.

In some mums their breasts return to pretty much the state they were before pregnancy but in other people they can decrease in size (particularly in the upper portion) or even get slightly fuller.

It is impossible to predict how anyone’’s breasts will react to pregnancy and breastfeeding but, as a general guide, it is likely that you will follow a similar pattern to other female members of your family…so take a sneaky look at your own mum, grandma and sisters or ask them to share their experiences.

The combination of volume loss from the breast combined with stretching of the skin, can lead to decreased fullness in the upper part of the breast and – in some cases –  lowering of the nipple position.

Breast Surgery Treatments Favoured by Mums

Breast volume can be corrected with breast implants and the descent of the nipple with an uplift procedure which lifts the nipple and tightens the skin of the lower breast.

Most people think of breast enlargement surgery as being very obvious and ‘fake’ looking as this is what we see in the media.

It has to be remembered, however, that the vast majority of people we see in the press with unattractive busts have very large implants which are out of proportion to their overall body shapes. Good surgeons know that most mums are keen to look natural.

Most mums at Aurora Clinics tell our surgeons that their Number One fear following surgery is looking false or out of proportion. For this reason, we concentrate on selecting implants which are very much in keeping with your overall physique to give a natural feminine appearance and restore the volume to the mum’s chest that they had prior to their pregnancy.

Why Might a Mum Need a Tummy Tuck?

During pregnancy, the abdomen can also stretch significantly to accommodate that little person inside you! This can produce a widening of the rectus abdominis muscles on the front of the tummy.

  • The rectus abdominis muscles are named from the latin ‘rectus’ and ‘abdominis’ which means ‘from the abdomen’.
  • They are the straight muscles which give the six pack appearance in toned individuals.
  • There are 2 muscles on the front of the tummy: during pregnancy these can separate which is known as rectus divarication (splitting of the muscles).
  • In some mums this does go back fully but in others it does not. The cause of this is unknown and even in very fit individuals such as personal trainers we often see considerable splitting of the muscles.

You can check whether you have split muscles by lying down on the ground and gently lifting your legs up in the air , together and straight. With your muscles tense, gently feel the gap between your muscles. You will soon feel if there is a gap anywhere above or below the tummy button!

Splitting of the muscles can be corrected in some cases simply by abdominal exercises such as crunches, pilates and core stability regimes but in many cases the muscles will not go back. Widening of the muscles can lead to an imbalance in the centre part of your body which can result in back pain.

Tummy Tuck Surgery for Mums

Surgery to correct this is normally performed by a Tummy Tuck using a lower abdominal incision which will be slightly below the caesarean scar. Often this surgery completely removes the original caesarean scar. The muscles are then accessed and can be sewn together, producing permanent repair of this area.

It is very unlikely that the muscles will split again unless you become pregnant once more. Overall tummy tuck surgery is very successful at repairing the split in the muscles and also removing the excess skin and the caesarean scar.

Generally it is recommended that any surgery – breast enlargement or tummy tuck –  is left until after you’’ve completed your intended family. This is because your skin and muscles are likely to change and stretch again with subsequent pregnancies, undoing the work of the surgery.

It is therefore better to wait until you have had all the children you are planning on and correct any required areas all at once.

If you would like further information about Aurora Clinics cosmetic surgery options for mums, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team (lots of us are Mums too!) on 01324 578290 or