What are the dangers of going abroad for Cosmetic Surgery?

In recent years, there has been a tendency for many people to go abroad for cosmetic surgery. This is mainly finance driven, as surgery can be significantly cheaper in foreign countries. Adrian Richards explains why this can sometimes be a false economy…

In most cases, the surgery goes very well as it’s normally performed by experienced surgeons and cosmetic surgery centres.

However, there is a trade off in that your surgeon will be a long way away from you and if you develop any problem or have any concern it’s often difficult to contact them to discuss this.

It is generally accepted that in some instances you will have some concerns following the treatment in some way. Most of these are relatively minor and may involve techniques such as remodelling an area of scarring but this is often difficult to communicate from a distance.

More worrying, however, is if something more serious occurs following your operation. Surveys have shown that almost every plastic surgeon in the United Kingdom has seen cases in which surgery has been performed and the patients have developed serious complications often requiring hospital admission.

Most worrying are the serious infections which can occur after tummy tuck surgery which may take some time to show themselves and may occur after you have returned to the United Kingdom.

Overall, my advice would be to thoroughly research the pros and cons of having surgery abroad and in the United Kingdom. If you are considering surgery abroad I would advise you to go through the checklist which I will describe in a forthcoming blog post.

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