Woman attempts to smuggle cocaine-filled breast implants in to Spain

A 20-year-old Panamanian female was caught and arrested last month for flying in to Barcelona’’s Prat International airport with breast implants containing 1.4kg of cocaine, with a street value of £50,000.

Travelling from Colombia, the young woman was searched and a gauze wrapped around her chest aroused suspicion. She claimed the bandage was for a breast augmentation operation she’’d had two months prior to the trip, however a white substance could be seen through the dressing. The wound was also said to be open and bleeding.

The unnamed woman was taken to a nearby hospital straight from the airport, where the implants were removed and their contents revealed.

Spanish border controls are particularly strict when receiving visitors from South American countries, as attempted smuggling of illegal drugs from these countries to Spain is rife.

Despite that, Spanish authorities assert that this is the first time they have witnessed a smuggling attempt in such a manner.

The woman has not yet gone to trial.

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