Scottish fight for a public inquiry into PIP implants goes on

A group of campaigners in Scotland have vowed to continue to fight for a public inquiry into the PIP breast implant scandal after their request was refused by Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon.

During a meeting at the Scottish Parliament, the PIP Implants Scotland Group attempted to gain Ms Sturgeon’s support for an immediate “independent, transparent and comprehensive public inquiry”, but were met with disappointment when their request was turned down.

But the Group remain unswayed in their determination to bring about an inquiry. They maintained that the day had been worthwhile and stated that they hoped to talk further with both Ms Sturgeon and First Minister Alex Salmond in future.

Trisha Devine, spokeswoman for the Group, said: “We’re disappointed that Nicola Sturgeon has not committed the Scottish Government to a full public inquiry into the issue, but today’s discussion was productive. We look forward to continuing our conversation with the Health Secretary in the coming weeks”.

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