Areola Reduction Surgery – Prices

The cost of areola reduction varies according to whether you require both sides (bilateral) or only one areola (unilateral) reducing and whether your procedure requires local or general anaesthetic.

Bilateral areola reduction under local anaesthetic as a day case costs from £2,275, and under general anaesthetic from £4,050.

It is important to note that these are guide prices as prices can vary dependent on your surgeon and the technique used. A more accurate price can be given at your consultation, to reflect your individual needs.

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What elements make up the overall cost of Areola Reduction surgery?

  • The surgeon
  • The hospital facility
  • The anaesthetist (if having a general anaesthetic)

It is worth clarifying the exact costs of each element of your surgery prior to the operation.

So what is covered in the cost charged by Aurora Clinics?

At Aurora Clinics your areola reduction is performed under local anaesthetic at one of our specialist clinics.  This cost includes all your surgery and follow-up appointments if required. If revisional surgery is required, because it does not meet the consultant’s expectations, this will be provided free of charge provided that it is identified within 6 months.

Financing your surgery

To help you spread the cost of your procedure, we have a range of flexible finance options. Find out more about our cosmetic surgery finance.

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