Puffy areolas – can they be treated, and how?

Aurora Clinics: Photo of Areola Reduction Surgery to treat puffy areolas



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When there’s something you don’t like about your body, it’s easy to underestimate how many others feel the same as you.

Generally, women don’t tend to see their friends topless, so other women’s boobs can be somewhat of an unknown quantity!

But you’d be surprised how many women have similar breasts to you. And if it’s puffy areolas that bother you, you’re in good company. They’re quite common in women of all shapes, sizes and ages.

There’s nothing medically wrong or harmful about puffy areolas, and plenty of people find them attractive. But if you’re unhappy with yours and would feel more confident without them, what can be done?

Surgery to treat puffy areolas

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing Areola ReductionPuffy areolas, sometimes called ‘pouty’ areolas, are caused by the underlying breast tissue.

If the collagen structures in your breasts are weak, the breast tissue can herniate into the nipples. This outward push forces out your areolas, giving them a raised, domed appearance.

Sometimes, but not always, puffy areolas accompany tubular or tuberous breasts. In this case, the whole shape of the breasts is affected – the prominent areolas further contributing to the elongated shape of the breasts.

If you have tuberous breasts, there are various approaches that can be used to treat them – some involving breast implants, some not – and your areolas can be addressed at the same time.

But if you only have puffy areolas, the procedure to treat them is an Areola Reduction. During surgery, the underlying breast tissue is reduced as well as the areolas themselves. Permanent ‘purse string’ stitches are used to keep the areolas at their new, smaller size.

It’s usually performed under local anaesthetic, though you can opt for a general if you prefer. And because it’s not one of the more invasive procedures, it has very little down time.

Find out more about Areola Reduction

At Aurora, we have lots of experience treating patients with Areola Reduction. Our Surgical Director Adrian Richards specialises in breast surgery, and often performs the procedure both on its own and combined with other breast surgeries.

Adrian has filmed several information videos about the procedure, which are available to watch on our website here. In these short videos, you can find out about the surgery, the recovery, the results you can expect and lots more.

You can also find out more on our dedicated Areola Reduction page, which includes links to before and after photos and pricing information.

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