An Aurora patient explains her experience of having a Breast Augmentation

We always like to hear how our patients have found their experience with us. Below is a patient’s account of her Breast Augmentation at Aurora Clinics, in her own words.

“I decided to have my operation done after years of going through ‘‘shall I, shan’’t I’’. A friend of mine had it done and a friend of a friend’ had it done and it sort of tipped me to think yes I do want to have it done.

I’’m a classic pear shape so I’’ve got quite a big bottom and had very small boobs. So I did think about it for a little bit longer and then decided to come and have a word. From then on, I thought ‘yeah, definitely got to go and have it done’.

Choosing the bra size, I came in, put on some bras that had implants sitting in them and sort of decided what size to go for, two different sizes in fact for the day and then Adrian Richards decides on the day of the operation what size he thinks is good for you.

The actual operation was fine. The after effects – I didn’’t realise how much you were going to lose the use of your arms, to be perfectly honest!

You’’re lying in bed and you have to try and sit up, but you can’’t push up with your arms so your stomach muscles get a good workout and you almost feel like you want to hold them all the time.

But going home was fine, you do really need somebody to look after you, you do need your antibiotics and your painkillers and I did find I was waking up every four hours and needing to take the painkillers for a few weeks.

Because the nerves were damaged during the operation, I did find that there was a shooting pain going through my left side, but that gradually wore off.

Would I do it again?  Definitely. I love them, my husband loves them and yeah, I’’d do it again.”