Aneka discusses her Breast Enlargement Procedure with Mr Adrian Richards

Thinking about Breast Enlargement surgery? Below is an interview between a patient, Aneka, and Aurora Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards, where she talks about her experience of surgery.

Hi Aneka, you had breast augmentation surgery six weeks ago. Can you tell us how you felt coming in, having the consultation, how the whole process went, making an appointment etc? 

I thought a long time about having the breast surgery, for about seven years, just to make me feel a bit more confident and happy within myself.

My mum actually found you online and obviously mums worry don’’t they so she sent me here straight away. She came along to the consultation with me, everybody was really, really helpful, I found lots of information online before I even came. I felt at home right away.

Now obviously you made your appointment, we actually discussed the surgery etc that you wanted to have done, and you came along for the sizing. How did you find the sizing?

Difficult because obviously you don’’t want to make the wrong decision, you don’’t want to look silly but yourself and Aggie were really, really helpful, and it was fun.

Now you had a one night stay in hospital.  So recovering and waking up from the surgery, how did you find that because a lot of people are quite nervy?

I was worried about the anaesthetic because I’d never been put to sleep before. I expected to come round feeling sick and hungover really but I felt fine, really, really good.  A big smile as soon as I woke up and recovery, about three days and I was fine.

Obviously size wise, when you woke up, how did you feel the size was, were you pleased with the size?

Yes, although I must admit, laying down when I woke up, I lifted the covers up straight away and they looked smaller than I thought, but once I stood up and everything else, great, really, really pleased.

So pain wise, you need painkillers for how long would you say?

About three days and I only used paracetamol. The pain is uncomfortable, it’’s not agonising, I’’d do it again tomorrow.

Has it changed you at all?

Definitely, much more confident, I just feel much more content.

How do you feel in your clothes etc now?

Oh great, like a lady.

Now would you recommend or would you give any girls advice who are looking to have this surgery, what sort of advice would you give them?

That it is a big decision to make, one thing I wasn’t prepared for was probably the emotional side of things because although you’’re not happy with what you’ve got, hence why you want to change it, you’’re used to seeing that in the mirror every day.

But after a couple of days I was fine, really emotional, probably down to the anaesthetic but yeah, I’’d do it again in a flash.

Have you been measured at all, size wise, yet?

I have yes, I had my sports bra fitting in BHS and really pleased.

So what have you actually gone from?

I’ve gone from a 32A to a 32D.

Fantastic, and you’’re very pleased with that?


Thank you ever so much Aneka, take care.

Thank you.

Thank you very much to Aneka for sharing her story with us. If you would like any more information about breast augmentation surgery or any other procedure we perform here at Aurora Clinics, please feel free to contact us either via our website or by phoning us on 01324 578290.