Breast Enlargement a family affair for mum and daughters from Nottinghamshire

A mother and four of her daughters from Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, have between them had £50,000 worth of breast enlargement surgery.

The Marshall family, which includes mum Chantal and daughters Emma, Ripley, Terri and Tara, have come under fire for speaking on television about their surgery, and about how they like ‘the fake look’.

Chantal, 53, was the first to have breast surgery, and subsequently underwent two more operations before she was satisfied with the appearance of her breasts – saying that her first operation left her with breasts that looked like ‘balls in socks’.

The other daughters followed suit, with the most-enhanced, daughter Terri, going up to a 34HH.

Chantal and her four daughters are all thrilled with the results of their surgeries, with the eldest daughter, Emma, keen to have more surgery in the form of buttock implants. But there is one member of the clan who is bucking the family trend.

Youngest daughter Britney, 14, steadfastly refuses to undergo any cosmetic surgery. Instead, Britney has designs on going to university, seeing more of the world beyond Nottinghamshire and pursuing a fulfilling career:

“I want people to take me seriously. People can be judgmental. I want to travel and get a good job, go to university, become an actress. Be wealthy.”

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