Breast Implants and Aeroplane Flying

Is it safe to fly in an aeroplane with my breast implants?

You may have heard about breast implants exploding at high altitudes – this is just a myth! It is completely safe to fly not too long after breast enlargement surgery with silicone breast implants. In fact, many of our breast enlargement patients have been Air Hostesses or Pilots and had no problems at all.

However, we do recommend that patients do not fly for at least 2 weeks following their procedure as both flying and operations have been linked to Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clots in the legs). This is mainly due to not moving your legs for a long period of time (which occurs both during operations and sitting still during flights) but is nothing to do with your actual breast implants!

Following the 2 week period, many of our patients do fly. We have not had any reports of problems with changing shape or rupturing implants from these patients.

Important considerations are the fact that you may need to be close to your surgeon in case of any complications and for your follow-up appointments. If all is completely routine after your surgery than there is no reason for you not to go on holiday, but you are probably best to check this with your surgeon to see that he feels confident you have no issues which may require follow up sooner.

It’s also probably best not to go out of the country for a long period of time until you’ve had your follow ups, if this can be avoided.

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