Busted about my Breast Implants! Will people know I’’ve had Breast Enlargement Surgery?

Breast Enlargement Surgery at Aurora Clinics: Are the Results Obvious?

Generally, Aurora Clinics’ aim to produce a very natural-looking bust which nobody could guess is the product of breast enlargement surgery. Our aim is to match your bust to your shoulders and hips to create a natural, feminine figure without making you look top-heavy or matronly.

We achieve this by taking detailed measurements of the natural diameter of your breast base then subtracting a small amount of your natural breast tissue so that the implant lies slightly inside your breast tissue without extending to the sides.

Too small a breast implant or too large and wide a breast implant can extend into the outer chest area and produce an unnatural appearance. We also tailor the height and shape of the implant very much to your unique physical characteristics.

Which Breast Implants will look Natural on Me?

As a general guide, we recommend the following:

AA Cups with very little breast tissue

A shaped implant partially behind the muscle in a dual-plane position. This is because, in these cases, we need to create the shape of the bust using a shaped implant. We also need the extra coverage afforded by the muscle in the upper portion of the breast so that we do not get any unnatural shelf or ridge in this region. •

A-B Cups

If your breast tissue measurement is below 3 centimetres in the upper part of your breast but you do have a natural bust shape, we generally recommend a round implant placed partially under the muscle in a dual-plane position.

The reason a round implant is recommended is because it will enhance the natural look of your own breast shape. There is a slight risk of shaped implants rotating slightly which does not happen with round implants.

C Cups and larger

If you have a natural breast shape and over 3cms of breast tissue in the upper portion of your bust, we would normally recommend a round implant placed in front of your muscle. This gives a slighter quicker recovery period but placing the implant in front of the muscle is only appropriate a minimum 3cms of tissue is available to cover the implant and give a natural effect without visible implant showing through the skin (ridging or rippling).

Test-Run your Breast Implants Before Breast Enlargement Surgery!

It is very important to select the right size and shape of breast implants for you. At your consultation, you should be advised as to whether silicone or saline implants would be more appropriate for you.

Rather like buying a dress, an identical outfit might look very different on various body shapes so the same approach must be taken to “trying on” breast implants.

At Aurora Clinics, we specialise in tailor-making breast enlargement creations using breast implants specially selected uniquely for you. Part of this process involves a number of Sizing appointments during which you can try on different sizes of implants with a range of your own outfits.

We know how important it is that you feel completely comfortable with the look that you select, so will never hurry you into making a decision.

Aurora Clinics do not endorse the artificial, “Barbie Doll” breast enlargement surgery look. By carefully matching your breast implant size and shape to your unique physique, we can ensure that nobody will ever guess that you have had breast enlargement surgery. They will be too busy thinking how amazing you look and staring at your great big smile!

To schedule a free Breast Enlargement consultation with one of our expert Aurora Clinics Surgeons, simply call us on 01324 578290.