Can you have a breast enlargement after Macrolane?

acrolaneCan you have a breast enlargement after Macrolane? Adrian Richards shares his thoughts…

The answer to this is yes. I’m seeing an increasing amount of patients who have had Macrolane treatment in the last couple of years.

Most patients who have had Macrolane decide to have a formal breast enlargement with silicone implants.

This is because some patients with Macrolane develop firmness around the Macrolane (encapsulation). Other people like the volume that Macrolane gives them but don’t like the tempering nature of this as Macrolane dissolves over approximately one year.

In the last month, I have performed 11 procedures removing Macrolane and inserting breast implants. All of these patients have been very happy with the results and in fact many of them have told me that the breast enlargement procedure actually is less painful than the Macrolane treatment itself.

It is a common misconception that breast enlargement by surgery is painful and Macrolane injection is not painful – in fact I have found this to be the other way around and so have most of my patients!