Courtney Stodden cites Plastic Surgery as primary reason for marriage breakdown

In the marriage that no one really expected to last, reality star Courtney Stodden and actor husband Doug Stanhope announced their separation earlier this month.

Although no reasons were given at the time an E! video interview with Stodden gives us some more insight on the matter.

The diminutive but highly enhanced American 19-year-old admitted that her ongoing alterations to herself caused a strain between her and Stanhope, with the latter wanting her to stay natural and to stop with all the surgeries and accessories such as hair extensions and false eyelashes.

Stodden was not keen on this however and as a result the insight she gives us on the nature of their relationship does nothing to quell the concerns that it was more like a father-daughter setup. She revealed: “

“When I started to wear [false] eyelashes, I was like a little girl, ‘’Can I wear eyelashes?’.’ It was kind of like that. He did not want me to falsify myself.””

For many, who saw the initial union between the then-16-year-old and the male actor 34 years her senior, the ‘little girl’ comment serves as an uncomfortable reminder of the borderline legality of the partnership.

Stodden rose to fame after marrying The Green Mile actor. They then appeared in their own reality show in the US before Stodden appeared by herself on our own screen in Celebrity Big Brother in the summer. Her enhanced assets include breast implants, blonde hair extensions, lip fillers and other possible work to her face.

She admits that the marriage raised her profile and is planning to release a tell-all book lifting the lid on their short marriage.