How uncomfortable will I be after breast surgery?

Generally, breast surgery is not as painful as many people think. Of the 3 main procedures, breast uplift, breast reduction and breast enlargement, breast enlargement tends to be the most uncomfortable.

This is because the tissues are stretched and most people have a feeling of tightness in the chest following surgery. In the 8 hours following surgery the local anaesthetic used will reduce the pain and you shouldn’t feel very much discomfort at all.

Following this there will be some of discomfort which most people liken to a stretching type feeling. If you have had an implant placed under the muscle there is slightly more pain in most cases but this is bearable.

Generally, the pain following breast surgery is less than most people expect and I do advise people to stop work for one week following surgery but they’re normally fine to go back to work after this time.

Balanced modern anaesthesia and more sophisticated surgery may aid a quicker recovery following breast surgery.