How the Keller Funnel has reduced Breast Augmentation Scar Size

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If you’re thinking about breast enlargement, but put off by the scars, you have nothing to worry about if your surgeon is using the Keller Funnel technique.

With breast enlargement being one of the words top cosmetic procedures any leaps forward in techniques are big news.Aurora Clinics: Photo showing Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery

Two years ago the Keller Funnel was a relatively new, beautifully simple device that made breast enlargement procedures not only potentially safer and more effective but it meant the surgeon was able to leave shorter scars and we were thrilled to start using it at Aurora.

What is the Keller Funnel?

The device was developed in 2009 by US Plastic Surgeon Kevin Keller and it is now on version 2. The device allows the surgeon to place the implant inside the bust without ever having to touch it.

The Keller Funnel is a clear, conical-shaped device similar to how an icing bag looks and it allows the surgeon to delicately place the breast implants into the breast pocket without touching them which highly reduces the chance of contamination.

How does it work?

The keller funnel device is a cone shape similar to how an icing bag looks with it having a large opening at one end and then a small opening at the opposite end called the tip. The small tip opening allows the surgeon to only have to make a small incision big enough for the tip of the keller funnel to fit into. The breast pocket is then prepared to receive the implant in the normal way before the implant is poured into the top of the keller funnel.  The keller funnel tip is then placed into the prepared pocket via the incision and by gently squeezing the funnel it slides the implant out of the funnel and into the breast.

Benefits of using the Keller Funnel

  • Shorter scars – inserting the implant through the narrow tip of the funnel allows for a shorter incision, making scars more subtle and able to hidden in the breast fold.
  • Less trauma to the implant – minimises pressure on the implant shell, therefore likely to extend the implant’s life.
  • Less trauma to the incision site – the amount of force and impact on the patients breasts is reduced meaning it could lessen the chance of bruising and potentially make recovery times shorter.
  • Reduces chance of infection – as the implant is not touched by anyone there is less risk of implant contamination through contact.
  • May prevent capsular contracture – capsular contracture is a common complication of breast enlargement that can occur in up to 30% of patients. Surgeons believe that like an infection it can be caused by trace contamination of the implants when they come into contact with the patient’s skin. The no-touch technique helps to prevent contamination which hopefully will reduce the chances of scar tissue capsules forming.

Although these improved outcomes have been noted by professionals clinical studies are still ongoing.

Mr Adrian Richards routinely uses the Keller Funnel with his breast enlargement patients after being so impressed with the device. Consultations with Mr Adrian Richards are available at The Private Clinic in our London Harley StreetNorthampton and Buckinghamshire clinics.

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