My Breast Augmentation Journey with Aurora Clinics – Rachel

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This week, another of our patients at Aurora has kindly decided to share her experience. Rachael had breast augmentation and breast lift with Adrian Richards to correct severe asymmetry. You can read her personal diary below.

For more details and photos, Rachel’s also shared her breast augmentation story over on the RealSelf website, which is a great informative read for anyone thinking about breast augmentation.

My Details: 

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing Rachel before her breast augmentation and lift surgeryConsultant: Mr Adrian Richards

Hospital: Aurora Clinics in High Wycombe

Age: 25

Procedure: Bilateral Breast Augmentation With Unilateral Mastopexy

Position: Over The Muscle

Implant Size: 415g Right, 560g Left

Height: 5”11

Weight: 170lbs

My reasons for wanting a breast augmentation:

I’m a 25 year-old female who was born with severe asymmetrical and tuberous breasts.

For ten years I’ve wished to be able to change my breasts. I was very uncertain of the extent that a surgeon could change them, if at all. I thought no technique could ever fix them as they were extremely different.

I was always overweight and believed my weight had affected my breast shape, so I began to lose the weight and with that my breast shape started to change – for the worse! The more weight I lost the more tuberous I realised they were. After a 6 stone weight loss, I was now left with breasts that were clearly tuberous, and even worse had 2/3 cup sizes difference between them.

I was extremely uncomfortable with showing anybody my breasts, even my own doctor. I felt so ashamed that anybody could be born with these. For the last 5 years, I researched breast augmentation over the internet and watched video after video on the Aurora Clinics website and YouTube, and knew instantly that there was only one surgeon I wanted to help me.

From the moment I walked into my initial consultation, I was made to feel comfortable and welcome. For those women who are unhappy and self-conscious about their breasts, I couldn’t have been made to feel more accepted and reassured that this was the last time I would ever feel this way.

I booked my date and paid my deposit and was ready to go, the last 8 weeks have been an incredible journey for me; from sizing appointments and pre-op, all leading to the big day, the entire process has brought nothing but happiness to me. The thought of becoming normal and comfortable with my body and not feeling disgusted when I look in a mirror is overwhelming.

Procedure Day:

It’s the big day! Hard to believe it has arrived so fast! I arrived at Aurora Clinics in High Wycombe at 11am and was marked up by Mr Richards at midday and told I would be going down to theatre very shortly!

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest with both nerves and excitement. I was very concerned about the nausea I’d heard patients can suffer from following general anaesthesia. The lovely nurses reassured me and before I knew it I had woken up in recovery! I was feeling very groggy and cloudy but in no real pain and thankfully no sickness or nausea in the slightest. I was taken back to my room after an hour and slept peacefully for the hour or two that followed.

Around two hours after my procedure, I was up and about, able to go to the toilet and sit up in bed again. I was in very little pain and couldn’t believe it was all finished and I felt this good. When I got up to go to the bathroom I had my first look at my new breasts. I couldn’t believe what I was faced with. The sight was overwhelming. I looked incredible. Despite swelling and them obviously not being the shape they will be when they eventually drop, what I saw was fantastic. I couldn’t believe they could look so good this early on.

I took these photos 2 hours post op:

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing Rachel's breast augmentation 2 hours post-surgery

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing Rachel's breast augmentation 2 hours post-op

The care given to me was excellent and I was made to feel safe and comfortable throughout my stay. I was able to eat my evening meal and fell asleep soundly having a very good night’s sleep.

Day One Post Op:

I managed the four-hour drive home comfortably. The bumps in the car were the only sensation of pain, but nothing extreme or too painful. When I arrived home I got straight into bed and slept nearly all of the afternoon and woke to take my medication. The shape had changed dramatically overnight, they were getting rounder by the hour and look better and better.

Day Two Post Op:

My first night at home was very comfortable. I only woke once or twice to reposition myself to lying upright again. The shape is really rounding out. I’m so pleased with the size and fullness of them.

I am walking around with ease and not bed-bound thankfully. I am able to do most things now without pain and I am now only taking paracetamol for pain relief. Starting to notice the effects of the anaesthetic wearing off now and I am not feeling groggy.

Day Three Post Op:

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing Rachel 3 days post breast augmentation surgeryBreasts dropping now and swelling decreasing! Can really begin to see what they will eventually look like! They’re getting softer and bouncier now which feels amazing not to have hard lumps sat on my chest. They don’t feel as tight and I’m beginning to see the fullness.

Bruising has arrived on my uplift breast and even though it looks very painful, I can’t feel it as my breast is still numb. My breast that had just the implant has sensation returning and my nipple is becoming responsive again and colour has returned.

Day Four Post Op:

Feeling great! Nearly back to myself now. The bruising is very black and blue but still painless. I get odd twinges of shooting pains and sensations returning in both breasts. They’re getting softer and softer.

Day Five Post Op:

Bruising is getting very yellow now and despite looking dreadful its a great sign its all healing well. No problems at all or anything out of the ordinary. Starting to get itchy around my incisions. There is a lovely bounce and slope to the shape of them now. I had to wash my post op bra and dry it and wore this pink sports bra for the hour, it was far too small, I couldn’t believe how much bigger they were to previously.

Tip: When buying a spare sports support bra for washing your post-op bra, buy BIG!!!

Days Six & Seven Post Op:

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing Rachel one week after breast augmentationIf I had drawn on myself exactly the breasts I wanted, these were them! They couldn’t be more perfect, everything about them, the size, the projection, the fullness. They have just finished my body off finally.

I feel like this has been the final piece of the jigsaw. The bruising is fading and they have changed dramatically in shape since day one. I can’t believe – and can’t wait to find out – where they could be in 5 weeks’ time when the tapes are removed.

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