Patient Satisfaction Survey – Aurora Clinics

The Results of our Recent Aurora Clinics Patient Satisfaction Survey Revealed

Aurora Clinics take our patients’ satisfaction very seriously. As such, we consistently collect feedback from patients who have completed a whole range of plastic or cosmetic surgery procedures with us. Each month we collate those results and see how we can improve.

Here are some of the findings from Nov-Dec, based on 41 patients who had lots of different procedures including Breast Enlargement, Breast Reduction, Blepharoplasty and Labiaplasty.

What Criteria Forms the Patient Satisfaction Survey?

We asked our patients about their satisfaction with the Aurora Clinics experience in a number of areas including:

  • How Easy was it to Schedule an Appointment?
  • How Would You Rate Your Consultation Experience?
  • How Would You Rate the Hospital Facilities?
  • How Would You Rate the Aftercare?
  • How Happy are You with the Results of Your Surgery?
  • Would You Recommend Aurora to Your Friends?

Very Positive Patient Feedback

A lot of the feedback we received was exceptionally positive.

  • 83% said it was ‘Very Easy’ or ‘Easy’ to schedule an appointment with Aurora Clinics.
  • 62.5% rated their Consultation experience ‘Excellent’ (with a further 37.5% rating  this aspect ‘Very Good’.
  • Aftercare and Results of Surgery both also scored 62.5% in the ‘Excellent’ satisfaction stakes.
  • A whopping 100% of the 41 patients surveyed this month would recommend Aurora to their friends!

Patient Testimonials

Here are a selection of the feedback testimonials we received on the Patient Satisfaction Survey…it’s great to hear that you are all generally so pleased with your Aurora Clinics experience!

  • “”Excellent surgeon and nurse, great results. All staff were friendly and helpful, made the whole experience much easier, would recommend aurora clinics to anyone.”
  • “”Mr Richards and his friendly, expert team should be the only choice for somebody looking to have breast augmentation. Exemplary care, constant phone/email availability and reliable support from initial consultation to discharge and beyond. As a perfectionist, I’m not an easy person to please. But I’m thrilled with the quality of the outcome and the time spent to find the perfect size and shape for my frame, the value of the procedure against competitor offerings and the outstanding service provision from aurora clinics. The operation was smooth, I was thoroughly looked after and Mr Richards is a fantastic surgeon. Brilliant.””
  • “”Overall my experience was excellent. Mr Richards and his staff were all lovely and very attentive. I always felt respected and cared for. I have no complaints whatsoever and am thrilled with the result of my procedure.””

But No Resting On Our Laurels…We’re Listening To Your Comments

Of course, we also want to actively address any feedback you have about ways in which Aurora Clinics can improve and keep going from strength-to-strength.

This time we learnt that you would like a clear, structured process for sending pre and post op pictures by email and to have more information about when your pictures will be sent.

Please note that we are listening and try to act upon all your comments as best as we can.

If you have any Testimonials or Feedback which you would like to send to Aurora Clinics, you can do so anytime via