The perfect boob job from A-Z…

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A-Z of the perfect boob job

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You’ll be out of action for a while after your op. Driving and lifting are a particular no-no for the first week or so, which can be a pain. So you’ll need some help – especially if you’ve got little ones or pets to look after. Plan ahead and enlist the services of your partner, family, or that understanding friend who owes you one!


Want the perfect boob job? You’ll need to do your research and find the right surgeon. The best way to choose a safe, reputable, experienced surgeon is to find one registered with BAAPS or BAPRAS – the two most respected professional bodies in the UK.

Chill out

It won’t last forever, so embrace and enjoy the downtime after your surgery. Catch up with that box set you’ve been saving for a rainy day. Read that novel gathering dust on your shelf. Make the most of having a couple of weeks off from your daily routine.


A gal’s gotta eat. But the last thing you’ll want to do after surgery – with aching, heavy boobs – is cook. So either: a) Make sure you have someone to cook for you while you recover b) Stock up on microwave ready meals c) Cook and freeze meals in advance …or d) Prepare to order lots of takeaways, which is not really recommended when you are supposed to be eating nutritious and healthy meals post procedure!


Your breasts will suddenly be heavier than they were before. And if you’re not prepared, it can take a toll on your back. Exercises to strengthen your back muscles in the lead-up to surgery will help you adapt to the extra weight. After surgery, you won’t be in a position to exercise much but some slow, gentle walking will help dissipate swelling and get you mobile again.

Follow instructions

Your surgeon knows exactly what happened during your surgery. So they’re best placed to tell you what to do afterwards. If in doubt about any aspect of your aftercare, ask your surgeon – and make sure to follow their advice.

Get some bendy straws

Anyone who’s had a boob job will tell you this. In those first few achey days, the last thing you want to do is lift your arms more than necessary. Which makes eating and drinking a pain. Bendable straws will at least make it easy to sit back and stay hydrated…

Have patience

When you come home after your surgery and look at your breasts, prepare to freak out. You might think your boobs look huge, and feel like rocks, and wonder why on earth you did it. But don’t panic. They will drop, and they will soften. But it takes time. Several weeks in some cases. So stay calm and keep your eyes on the prize.

Ice packs

Applying ice packs is a must for post-op swelling. Go for 20 mins on and 20 mins off for about three days after surgery. Get four in total, so you can have two in use and two in the freezer. Freeze them all as part of your prep the night before surgery.


See your boob job as a big, exciting adventure. We don’t get many of those as grown-ups, so embrace every bit of the journey. Keep a diary if you can. It’ll make you smile to look back and remember it all one day. And yes, there’ll be downs as well as ups – but that’s true of all epic quests. Just remember that yours will have a happy ending.

Kiss goodbye to body hang-ups

You’ve lived with them long enough. However self-conscious you might have felt in the past, it doesn’t matter any more. Own your boobs as if they were always part of you.

Lotion up

Moisturise your breasts to hydrate the skin in the days leading up to your procedure and after surgery (with something like cocoa butter or shea butter). It’ll help head off stretch marks if your skin is in good condition. But be sure to make sure your skin is clean of any lotions on the day of your procedure.


Your breasts will feel a bit weird at first – but don’t be scared to touch them. Go gently, but massage them every day to help them soften and drop. It’ll also make that post-op discomfort go away more quickly so you can do away with painkillers.


Don’t fret if your nipples stick out more after surgery. Increased nipple projection is relatively common after a boob job – caused by swelling and the outward pressure of the implants. It takes time, but should always correct itself as the swelling subsides and breast tissue acclimatises to the implants.

Open mind

You might go into your surgeon’s office with a definite idea of what you want. The implant type, the projection, the CC size. But be prepared to change your mind. Your surgeon has the experience to know what would suit your physique and how best to achieve it. Make it clear what your goals are, but have an open mind – and be prepared to revise your original plan.


Prep is key to a perfect boob job, not just for your operation, but also for life at home afterwards. Buy a couple of new bras and some bigger tops. Make sure your washing (including bedding) is done. Get the house relatively clean and tidy. And stock up on food, books, required medications and supplies and put them somewhere handy within easy reach.


Knowledge is power. Ask lots of questions – both before and, if you need to, after your surgery. Prepare a comprehensive list for your consultation and work your way through them, ticking them off as you go. You’ve never done this before, but your surgeon has – hopefully, lots of times! They’ll be expecting you to ask them about the finer details of your surgery and recovery. So don’t be afraid to ask their advice about anything and everything you need to know.

Realistic expectations

You may have seen some boobs you love, and take photos to your consultation. But be prepared to be told that your results won’t be exactly the same. You want to get the best boobs for your body – and a good surgeon will give you just that.


Set up a post-op recovery station on your bedside table. Stock it with essentials like arnica (for bruising), lip balm, body lotion, water bottles, tissues and baby wipes (you’ll be glad of these in the days before you can shower!). And if you don’t already have them, invest in some plump pillows. Keeping yourself upright at a 45-degree angle for the first few days is a must to reduce swelling and bruising.

Trust your surgeon

Your consultation is a two-way process. You’ll tell the surgeon what you want, and they’ll listen. But they’ll also give you their opinion. Ultimately, they know best how implants will look in your body. So if they tell you a certain CC size will be too big for you, trust them.

Underwire-free bra

Your surgeon will give you a post-op bra to use for the first few weeks. But after that, you’ll want a soft, comfortable, underwire-free sports bra (ideally with a zip-up front to save you reaching above your head). That exciting new lingerie can come later.


Good nutrition will help you heal more quickly. But as mentioned above, cooking isn’t practical for the first few days. Taking a good multi-vitamin is an easy way to make sure you’re getting all the essentials.

Water – and lots of it

The combo of pain medication and being bed-bound can lead to constipation – Oh the glamour! Plenty of water will help, as will prunes and other fibre-rich foods. You may also want to stock up on laxatives to be sure – but double check with your surgeon first.

X-citement (sorry…)

If you feel anxious before surgery, try this trick. Nervousness and excitement are almost identical physiologically. The butterflies, the racing heart, the sweaty palms. The only real difference is how we choose to interpret it. So reframe it. Tell yourself it isn’t nerves you’re feeling, but pure excitement that you’ll soon have the boobs of your dreams.


Your boob job should be all about YOU. Never consider surgery because someone suggests it, or even worse – says you need it. Your boobs are yours alone and will be your constant companions for the rest of your life. So do with them what makes you happy.

Zips are your friend

When you come round after surgery, swathed in bandages, you won’t fancy pulling a T-shirt over your head. So remember to wear something that zips up at the front – and is comfy enough to sleep in, as you’ll be doing plenty of that on the first day.

We’re not sure if the perfect boob job exists – strictly speaking – but heeding the advice above should make yours go as smoothly as possible. For more info on breast enlargement, visit our boob job information pages, where you’ll find FAQS, breast enlargement photos and more. To book a free consultation with a surgeon, call us on 0333 920 2471 or use our breast enlargement online contact form.

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