Reality TV show ‘The Valleys’ mirrors other reality show trends

There’’s a new reality TV series on our screens and this time the girls are brasher, there’’s even more nudity and they get even more dressed up than those in The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) and Newcastle’’s Geordie Shore.

The Valleys is a reality show that brings young men and women from the Welsh valleys to live it up in Cardiff – and essentially offers viewing of the ensuing mayhem that bringing a group of single early twenty-somethings in a mood for mischief and partying brings. Great fun or car-crash TV, depending on your view of it…

What the show also reveals is young girls’’ continuing love affair with surgical breast enhancement, seemingly sticking to the trend already mapped out by other UK reality stars.

Heat magazine interviewed three of the starring young women this month, two of which are seen to be sporting impressive (and enhanced) cup sizes. One of which, Jenna, a trainee solicitor, received hers for her 18th birthday. The girl without implants, Nicole, bemoans her chest size to the magazine: “

“No-one will ever see my boobs as I haven’t got any.””

Before continuing about feeling self-conscious on TV:

““I want a boob job ten times more now. That’’s my dream. Since I was born, I’’ve always wanted a boob job.””

Despite their mutual love of surgical enhancements that didn’’t stop the girls having a dig at fellow reality TV star Amy Childs, with Lateysha Grace, 20, comparing her to Pete Burns.