Saline vs Silicone implants – is one better than the other?

A single breast implantTwo Florida plastic surgeons have this week gone public in the saline versus silicone breast implants debate. So which, if either, is better – and what verdict did the surgeons ultimately reach?

The fact is, which is what the surgeons also concluded, neither option is necessarily better than the other, but they have different features and may be suited to a particular type of recipient.

Silicone is the more expensive of the two implants, which in itself may be a deciding factor.

Silicone implants are also generally better suited to patients with a naturally smaller breast size. This is because saline implants are slightly firmer and less malleable than silicone implants, and so with less of the patient’’s breast tissue to surround the new insertion, the less natural the final result may be.

Of course, as some do, if a patient wants to achieve an obviously fake look then that is their decision! It’’s purely down to aesthetic preference, rather than saline being medically preferable.

Saline implants tend to look fine on those who already have a reasonable cup size to begin with, as the breast tissue already there will envelop the implant and give it a softer and more natural outline.

In addition to the slightly lower cost, there is also the fact that, in the rare eventuality the implant ruptures, the body will naturally absorb its contents. It’’s also easier to tell if a rupture has occurred with saline implants.

Ultimately, it will be down to the doctor and the patient to discuss and decide between them, based mostly on desired outcomes and personal preference.

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