The double-bubble effect – how we treated a patient

Today in clinic we saw a very interesting patient who had a Breast Augmentation five years ago.

From examination, her implants were lying in a very high position under the muscle. We could tell the implants were under the muscle by asking her to place her hands on her hips and press inwards. This causes the muscles to contract and you can feel the movement and also see it compressing the implant as the muscle contracts.

This is a good way of telling whether the implants are placed in front or behind the muscle. The muscle contraction has no effect on the implants if they are in front of the muscle as the muscle is behind them and cannot compress them.

At surgery the implants were noted to be in a very tight position, totally under the muscle. We replaced them in front of the muscle, and also removed tissue from the lower part of her breast as her nipple to inframammary-fold distance was very long.

This combined approach to treatment will give her a more natural, softer appearance without the double-bubble effect.