Uproar as “Princess Ariel” gets Breast Enlargement

She’s one of Disney’s most famous and well-loved characters, but a cosmetic surgery clinic in Caracas, Venezuela seems to think that Princess Ariel from the Little Mermaid would benefit from a little cosmetic improvement.

In a controversial poster promoting the Clinica Dempere, a smiling redhead mermaid (bearing a striking resemblance to Princess Ariel) is laying on her front.

Her tail has been replaced with a shapely pair of legs in high heels, and a low-cut top reveals she’s also most likely had a breast enlargement too.

Behind her is an image of her laying on the surgeon’s operating table, with her soon-to-be-removed tail peeking out from under a blanket. The slogan on the poster reads “We make fairy tales come true”…

The advert has attracted criticism for the way it appears to be aimed at impressionable young girls – seemingly suggesting that cosmetic surgery is the way to achieve their dreams.

Some commentators have even described the controversial ad as “a lawsuit waiting to happen”, since the mermaid’s resemblance to Ariel is so strong – and Disney are very unlikely to have given permission for one of their characters to be used in this way.

Whatever you feel about the appropriateness or otherwise of the ad, it’s certainly got people talking.

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