What are breast capsules and how are they best treated?

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All foreign materials in our body become surrounded by a thin layer of tissue. This is the body’s way of fending off material that it does not recognize.This occurs around hip replacements, heart valves and any implant or device. 

With breast implants, in the majority of patients, this lining (which is called a capsule) remains soft and pliable. In some people, for abnormal reasons, this capsule can become firmer. The cause of breast capsules is unknown but may be related to microbial inflammation around the implant.

The effect of this breast capsulebecoming firmer is that it compresses the breast implant causing it to feel firmer and develop a more rounded shape. 

Breast capsulecontracture happens in approximately 5% of all people with breast enlargement and is categorized depending on whether the implant is:

  1. slightly firm (firmer than normal)
  2. slightly firmer than normal plus some abnormal sensation in the breast
  3. firm with visible change in the shape of the breast 

If you are unlucky enough to develop a breast capsule there are many options for treating the condition.

I will discuss these options in the next blog post.