What to Bring to your Breast Enlargement Sizing Consultation

Here at Aurora Clinics, we frequently get asked by patients what they should wear or bring to their breast enlargement sizing consultation, so we thought we would compile this quick checklist to help!

Why do I need a sizing consultation?

The Breast Enlargement Sizing consultation is a really important part of your decision to have breast augmentation surgery – it is your opportunity to try out a whole range of different sizes and shapes of breast implants to see what they actually look like on you. Think of it as clothes shopping but for a new ‘breast look’!

It is also your chance to spend some quality time with your surgeon, asking all those niggling questions and making sure you are 100% happy before you commit to breast enlargement surgery.

What to wear to your sizing consultation

At an Aurora Clinics breast enlargement sizing, we ask our patients to bring lots of different tops along with them.

Bring tops that you don’t feel you can wear at the moment because of your shape, but you’d really like to and tops that you wear all the time – to the gym, going out, or to work. This will give you a good contrast between the look you need and the look you ultimately desire!

By trying a wide range of different tops on with a variety of implant sizes and shapes, you can get a very good idea of how you could look in your clothes after the procedure. This should also help you feel more confident about your breast enlargement surgery because you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from your results.

Make a fully informed decision

We ask patients to really read up on the information that their Aurora Clinics surgeon has given to them at the first consultation so we can discuss any questions that they’ve thought about since that initial consultation.

Also at the sizing appointment, we do thoroughly discuss all the risks of the procedure again, from actually being admitted to hospital right through to your six weeks discharge. In this way, you should know what to expect when you arrive at the hospital for your breast enlargement surgery,  have an idea how you’ll feel post-surgery and how your breasts will look.

We also discuss which bras you can and can’t wear at first after surgery and the length of time you’ll be wearing a surgical bra.

So…to re-cap

Your breast enlargement sizing appointment is very important:

  • Get a good idea of exactly how you want to look following your surgery and the result you can expect to achieve
  •  Ask any questions you may still have
  • Thoroughly understand the risks and what is involved in your breast enlargement surgery procedure

Have FUN!

Above all, enjoy it! This is a really fun appointment and your chance to spend some quality time with your surgical team. We often allow groups of friends or partners, mums and daughters to come in for sizing appointments.

This makes the atmosphere a little bit more relaxed than your first consultation and should help to get you looking forward to your breast enlargement procedure!

The next step

We always encourage people to do as much research as they can when considering cosmetic surgery, so for more information on breast enlargement surgery: