Zoe’s Diary of her Bilateral Breast Augmentation (Enlargement)

I checked into Auroa Clinics in Northampton (The Three Shires) at 7.30 am feeling excited and apprehensive with my bloke (who is hospital phobic) at my side looking as anxious as me!!

We got shown to my room and almost straight away a nurse came in to admit me, ask a few questions and tick a few boxes. Then Aggie (Mr Richards right hand woman –- she did my sizing and implant choice with me a few weeks ago too) came in and said hi and told me Mr Richards would be along shortly.

In the meantime the anaesthetist popped in, asked me more questions and ticked more boxes. He assured me he would keep me asleep during the op and wake me up afterwards and that he preferred to do it that way round usually!!! Ha ha – nice time for jokes!!! Not!

Then Aggie appeared again and told me to get my gown on as Mr Richards was on his way. That was enough for my OH and he leapt up and headed for the door after a hasty kiss, bless him. To be honest, I was happy to be on my own, other people can make you more nervous I think.

I put on my gown and my anti-embolism socks (mmm stylish). Mr Richards and Aggie came in and had a quick chat and he drew his markings on me and I told him that I didn’’t care whether he used the 360, 390 or 430cc implants, I just wanted them to put in the ones that looked the best!

Mr Richards whirlwinded out (he doesn’’t stay still for long lol) and I went in the bathroom to take a photo of myself with my markings on, but the nurse came in as I was snapping and I think she must have thought I was a RIGHT weirdo lol. She then told me I wasn’t going in until 11am!!

I was gutted as it was only about five past eight!! So I settled down with my new book in a sunny window overlooking a beautiful Golf Course and read seven chapters!!

At 10am the nurse gave me a tablet to reduce bleeding during the surgery, then there was nothing until the knock on the door at 11.15… – there was the nurse, the porter and the bed on wheels!!!! Eeeeek now it was showtime!!!

I wasn’t allowed to walk to theatre so got wheeled down on the bed. Once at theatre I glimpsed Aggie in her gown and hat (a familiar face is nice) then was put in a side room with another nurse who asked me more questions and ticked more boxes!! (They all ask the same questions lol I don’t know why).

She spotted my hair band had metal on it and so that was whipped out as the anaesthetist came in. He fitted the needle in my hand (it takes a second or two girls it really is NOTHING to worry about) and then started emptying syringes of various fluids into it. He then said he was going to pop an oxygen mask on me.

I felt a little bit odd at that point, and then……. I was awake, it was done, I had breasts!!!

I was in recovery with two nurses beside me taking care of me, and it was quarter to one. I felt my boobs straight away (yes they were definitely there) and asked the nurse by my side to find out what size they had put in.

I felt completely fine but they wouldn’’t take me back to my room for a while as I was too cold apparently and they wanted my temperature to rise a bit. They wrapped me up nice and warm and before long I was back in my room.

The nurses fitted a saline drip to me to rehydrate me and gave me some morphine (mmm love that stuff!!), then they put these things on my legs that plug in and tighten and squeeze your left and right legs alternatively. It’’s to reduce risk of deep vein thrombosis apparently and I had to keep them on all day and all night.

It meant I was attached to the bed by the wires, that was the only downside. This was the only part I hadn’t expected!

I must have had a bit of a kip then and then at about half three I phoned my son, mum and dad just to say hi and I am fine. I felt really well, no pain at all. I was starving and so my food was brought up to me at four o’ clock.

I sat up and watched Deal or No Deal whilst eating melon, then ham sandwiches and then a fruit salad… with a lovely pot of tea!!

At this point ladies I felt no pain and absolutely great. I can’t get over how well, happy and contented I felt…. At last, I had boobs. Years and years of waiting, of feeling incomplete and unfinished…. I had them, and I was OK.

After my food I needed a wee and so the nurse came and detached me from my leg things and helped me manoeuvre the drip into my little bathroom…… no bed pans for me thank goodness!

Every time throughout my stay when I went to the loo I had to call for the nurse to help me walk with my drip wires and undo my legs, but nothing was too much trouble for them…, they were lovely.

Then the nurse gave me a mega dose of antibiotics through the IV and some paracetamol. I then slept off and on in between reading a bit of my book until my man arrived at half six. We chilled out and watched some TV and the nurse was in and out checking my BP and temperature and that.

Mr Richards and Aggie appeared at 9.15pm and Aggie said she would bring me a different surgical bra in the morning as the band looked too tight. That will make it an extra large she said with a wink!! Wooo hooo!!!

They said my boobs looked great and the op had gone very well. My left was bigger and sorer at this point but they said there was no need to worry, which was reassuring.

When they left the nurse came in and said as I was tiddling well and drinking plenty of tea and water she would take my saline drip out… – yaaay!! Felt a bit less pinned to the bed then!

My OH left at half nine (he did well to cope there that long hee hee – he hates hospitals so much) and then I read some more and listened to some music.

The night was hard for me, I wasn’’t in any pain but I just did not sleep at all until about 3am, I desperately wanted to but just couldn’’t. Then when I did I got woken up at 4am for my next IV antibiotics!!!

I think I went back to sleep and woke up at 7am, and asked straight away if I could have the squeezy leg things off. That was allowed, so finally I could get off the bed!!

I had some more pain relief, got up, had a flannel wash, combed my hair, put on my make up and fresh clothes and then my breakfast arrived…. Yum, I was starving!!!!

After brekky Aggie came, swapped me into a bigger bra and instructed I was to leave it on ALL week without taking it off. She explained my meds and my follow up appointment and answered my small questions.

By nine o clock my meds had arrived and I was free to go!!  My mum and son arrived for me and out I went… complete with breasts!!!

I just feel the need to say that I cannot fault Aurora Clinics in Northampton (The Three Shires) and would 100% recommend it to anyone. The level of care I received was outstanding. Every single nurse went out of her way to check that I was OK all of the time; nothing was too much trouble. …I actually had a lovely time thanks to those ladies.

The pain is not too bad at all (so far anyway, I know it will be achy over next few days) and other than a few aches and pains I have felt completely fit and well throughout.

I hope my story is useful to those of you who haven’’t been done yet…. I am not supposed to move my bra at all this week…I’’ve peeked down though and they look just a little bit fab!!! 🙂