Considering Breast Implant Removal? Here’s what you want to know

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing breast implant removal

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Celeb Big Brother winner Katie Price has just done it, and she’s by no means alone. More and more women every year are deciding to ditch their breast implants.

At our clinics, we saw a 97% increase in women seeking breast implant removal last year. If you’re thinking about taking out your implants, but worried about the results, read on.

Why women are choosing breast implant removal

Most women will remove and replace their implants at some point (i.e. if they are old or damaged). But many will choose to remove them permanently, and there are several reasons why.

Some may have developed hardened, painful capsules around their implants and don’t want the problem to recur.

Others explant because they have dangerous PIP implants – or even if they don’t, the scandal has made them reluctant to keep implants inside their bodies.

Women starting families may remove their implants because they’re worried about breastfeeding with them.

Post-menopausal women may choose removal because their breasts have grown naturally.

And more mature women might feel their implants no longer suit them. Some of our patients, with remarkable pragmatism, have told us they don’t want their implants in when they die.

But whatever your reasons for getting your breast implants removed, we know there’s one BIG question you want answering.

What will my breasts look like when my implants are gone?

The killer question. From talking to our patients, we know their biggest worry is that when their implants are gone, they’ll be left with saggy sacks of skin – the dreaded ‘golf ball in a sock’ effect.

Well we’re here to tell the truth. We’ve done this lots of times, and we’ll level with you.

When you wake up after surgery, your breasts WILL feel and look empty. There’s no getting away from it. You’ll look at your breasts, and wonder what you’ve done.

You skin might feel numb, and it might – as one of our patients put it – look crumpled, like tissue paper that’s been screwed up and straightened out again.

When you look down, it may even seem like your ribs stick out further than your breasts.

At this point, you might have made your mind up. I’m never doing that to myself!

BUT… On around day 3 after surgery, your breasts will stop wondering when the implants are coming back, and leaving them room just in case. And they’ll start to regain their former shape.

Your body wants to heal itself, and after the initial shock, does everything it can to make that happen.

Considering the size of even the smallest breast implant, the skin retracts remarkably well after surgery.

For about a week, your breasts will look a little sorry for themselves, but they’ll eventually recover well. Our patients are generally very pleasantly surprised. In fact, less than 50% of our patients who think they’’ll need a breast uplift after implant removal actually require it.

So if you’re thinking about removing your implants but don’t want further surgery, the odds are in your favour.

You can find out more about the procedure on our dedicated information pages – including breast implant removal cost, and a gallery of breast implant removal photos. If you’d like advice from one of our breast explant surgeons, call us on 01324 578290 or email to book a free consultation.