Breast Reconstruction surgery being afforded more prominence

Breast reconstructionUS doctors are expressing their preference to offer breast reconstruction surgery much sooner to breast cancer patients who are forced to undergo single or double mastectomies as a result of the disease.

Currently, the priority is to perform surgery to remove the cancerous cells with the importance of reconstructing the lost breasts as the secondary issue.

As a result the patient is usually offered reconstructive surgery at a later date. Surgeries in the States are being performed at the same time as the mastectomies now, however, which may be better for patients both for their self-esteem and their recovery process.

It’’s possible, and indeed perhaps even preferable, to have both the plastic surgeon and surgeon performing the mastectomy in the theatre room together.

Having the surgery immediately stops the need for the patient to return to hospital for further surgery and as a result reduces the amount of recovery time. It’’s also likelier to produce the best psychological result as it gets rid of the feeling of a loss of femininity that can be associated with mastectomies.

Mastectomy patients have a choice of reconstruction through skin grafts or silicone implants.

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