What reconstruction techniques are there after breast cancer using my own tissue?

There are two main sources of tissue which are used by surgeons to reconstruct the breast after breast cancer surgery. These are transferred tissues from the back or from your tummy.

Removing tissue from the back uses a muscle called the latissimus dorsi muscle, whereas from the tummy it uses the lower tummy tissue below your tummy button.

The latissimus dorsi muscle can be lifted up and rotated forward to reconstruct your breast area. You may or may not require an implant underneath the latissimus dorsi muscle to give you a good breast shape and size.

Whether you need an implant as well as the latissimus dorsi skin and muscle depends on the intended size of your breast and also whether you have sufficient tissue on your back to create a sufficient breast tissue.

This technique is relatively straightforward and the blood supply to the latissimus dorsi muscle is very reliable and strong.

Complications following surgery are very low and this technique of latissimus dorsi breast reconstruction with or without a breast implant is an extremely effective and reliable breast reconstruction.

We would suggest that if you are considering this form of breast reconstruction, you discuss the options fully with your surgeon prior to surgery and see before and after photographs of previous reconstructions.

Also discuss the recovery period and possible complications following surgery in details with them prior to any surgery.

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