Bilateral Breast Reduction: Aurora Clinics patient testimonial

1 Week Post-Bilateral Breast Reduction Surgery

I’m doing great and amazingly I’m not in any pain! We are travelling down tomorrow for my appointment at Aurora Clinics in Northampton¬†(The Three Shires) to sort out my stitches. I can see a bit of bruising on the sides under my armpit but it doesn’t hurt.

I spoke to Diane (the receptionist at Aurora Clinics in¬†Northampton) to rearrange my next appointment as my partner is back to work on the Monday, so can’t bring me down… this should be fine.

I think I did get a bit of post-op blues worrying that my nipple wasn’t high up enough but I guess they will take a while to settle and it’s a vast improvement on what they were like, so I’m really happy!

Mr Richards really is amazing – all I wanted was to be normal and buy off-the-peg bras and bikinis which I can do now thanks to him. My neck and back pain is completely gone and my posture has definitely improved. I can’t wait to sort through my wardrobe and I’m going to give all my big bras to charity – apparently they send them to Africa.

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