Breast Reduction “can add 5 years to your life”

According to a recent study, having very large breasts can take such a toll on a woman’s health that it can reduce her life by five years.

It sounds dramatic, and it should be noted that it isn’t the large breasts themselves that shorten life. Rather than directly reducing lifespan, the fact that large breasts hamper a woman’s ability to exercise is what exerts such a negative influence on health.

For women with very large breasts, even the very best sports bra isn’t able to completely prevent ‘bounce’, which can make exercise very uncomfortable.

A lack of regular exercise can lead to problems with obesity and diabetes, which can in turn cause a domino effect of other associated health problems which can contribute to a shortened lifespan.

And even if they don’t lead to obesity and associated problems, large breasts can also cause poor posture, low self-esteem and chronic pain in the back and neck, all of which can drastically reduce a woman’s quality of life.

And it’s an issue that seems to be growing. Breast sizes have been steadily increasing in the UK, with the average cup size currently a C, when in the 1950s the average had been a B – meaning there are many more women affected than ever before.

So for many women, it’s fair to say that a breast reduction really can be a lifeline, able not only to improve the quality of life, but also – potentially – to lengthen it.

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