Breast Reduction surgery – what is the maximum weight that can be reduced?

There’s really no upper limit to the weight that can be removed in a breast reduction and operation. In most cases, the average weight removed will be between 400 and 800 grams of tissue.

Over 800 grams per breast comprises a larger breast reduction and over 1.5 kilograms per breast classifies as a very large breast reduction.

The technique however will vary between the size of the breasts. The general rule is that the techniques which involve more scarring would be more suitable for reducing the larger breast.

We will discuss these various techniques in forthcoming blog posts. However, it’’s important to be remind that breast reduction is one of the most successful plastic surgical operations and offers a real benefit to people who suffer from neck and backache associated with large breasts which we often tell patients are like carrying two bags of sugar around your neck permanently.

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