What is a pedicle and how does it relate to Breast Reduction surgery?

A pedicle is the plastic surgical term for a bridge of tissue which connects one area of skin to another.

In breast reduction surgery, the pedicle is used to bring blood and nerve supply to the nipple when the tissue around it has been removed.

The pedicle (bridge of tissue connecting the nipple) can lie in any direction. The direction in which it lies gives rise to the term in which it is known in plastic surgical field.

The common orientations of the pedicle are from below (inferior pedicle), from above (superior pedicle), from the inner aspect of the breast (medial pedicle), and from the outer part of the breast (lateral pedicle).

The most common types of pedicle used in the United Kingdom are inferior pedicle technique and a pedicle coming from approximately the 10 o’’clock position if you were looking at your left breast from the front and the 2 o’’clock position if you are looking at the right breast on the front.

Both of these options give good results with reliable blood supply to the nipple. In our practice, we favour a superior-medial pedicle technique as we feel this gives a better long-lasting breast shape as the bulk of the tissue remains in the upper rather than the lower part of the breast.

However, both techniques are safe and effective and it may be worthwhile discussing which your surgeon plans to use during your preoperative consultation.

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