What is the best technique for a relatively small Breast Reduction?

If your breasts are relatively small and your surgeon anticipates they would be removing less than 500 grams of tissue per side, often a vertical scar technique or a short transverse scar technique might be appropriate for you.

The advantage of these techniques is that the scar does not extend wholly along the crease under your breast. It is the outer and inner part of the scar in the crease which is most common to become lumpy and red and by avoiding the scar you are less likely to get these problems.

You will also be more likely to be able to wear revealing outfits such as bikinis which may show the outer breast fold.

These techniques has been popularised by Le Jour-Lassus who are French surgeons and more recently a surgeon called Hall-Findlay from Canada. If you think you are candidate for a moderate breast reduction vertical scar or short transverse scar reduction may be appropriate for you.

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