What physical problems does having large breasts cause?

Having breasts that are not in proportion to your physique causes significant problems – including wearing clothing and the way they look.

The main problems with large breasts are:

  1. Neck and shoulder ache.
  2. Cutting in of a bra strap in their shoulders.
  3. Infections in the fold underneath the breast where the skin surfaces rub together.

Many  younger people in their 20s with large breasts have not developed these symptoms yet, however, in our experience nearly all of the patients over the age of 35 who are considering breast reduction do so because they have significant problems from the 3 areas mentioned above.

In addition they may find it very difficult to perform sporting activities such as running and may be embarrassed wearing close fitting clothing such as in the gym.

The aim of the breast reduction is to achieve a breast size and shape which is more in proportion to the overall body. This will reduce the symptoms of neck and back pain, infection under the breast and the discomfort from the bra and the shoulder area.

It also has the additional benefit of improving the patient’s ability to perform sporting activities. Overall, studies have shown that breast reduction is one of the most popular procedures performed in plastic surgery and is associated with an almost unparalleled patient’ satisfaction rate.

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