Louise’s PIP Implant Replacement Journey at Aurora Clinics

Louise - PIP Implant Replacement surgery

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Follow Louise’s breast implant replacement surgery with breast specialist Mr Adrian Richards as she vlogs her entire journey from consultation right through to recovery.

Louise had her first breast enlargement 13 years ago and unfortunately found out that she had the controversial Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) implants.

After living with these implants for so long, Louise finally felt it was her time to take the plunge and have them removed. She lost sleepless nights wondering whether to have her implants replaced or simply removed, but after having nice sized breasts for so long decided a replacement was the right option for her.

Louise’s first consultation

After extensive research into different surgeons she decided to book her consultation with Mr Richards. The look she went for was slightly different compared to her initial surgery. Coming up 30 she didn’t want them to stand out as much as she did previously, it was more about the natural look. Louise explains more:

The big day!

The big day is finally here for Louise as she prepares to have her PIP implants removed and her new breast implants inserted. In this video we see Louise at the hospital as she anxiously but excitedly waits for Mr Richards to take her down to surgery.

Immediately after the operation – a bit uncomfortable but no pain!

Just a few hours after her operation, Louise is awake and filming for us again. She has just seen Mr Richards who confirmed that everything went okay with her surgery and her implants were intact as expected, which is great news.

Day 1 post-surgery – feeling fabulous!

It’s the day after surgery and Louise is feeling fabulous apart from the lack of sleep due to having to sleep upright. We don’t blame her! She also describes all the things you can expect to receive following surgery such as medicine, your breast implant information and upcoming appointment dates.

Day 7 post-surgery – “I was a little bit naughty…”

In Louise’s final vlog  7 days after having her PIP implants exchanged we see how she got on at her follow up appointment with nurse Sinead. Follow up appointments are a key part of the aftercare process to ensure you are healing as you should be as well as to have your dressings changed. Louise didn’t rest as much as she should have and is feeling it now!

That’s the latest vlog from Louise for now. The next time we see her will be at her 6 week follow up with Mr Richards. So be sure to check back here for an update in 5 weeks!

Aurora Clinics: Photo showing Adrian Richards, Plastic SurgeonUpdate on PIP implants

In 2010, PIP implants were completely banned after it emerged the implants were not made from medical-grade material and therefore didn’t pass safety tests for use in the human body. However we are still seeing the effects of these implants in patients today, as Mr Richards explains:

“We are still seeing a lot of patients who have PIP implants with about 90% of them wanting them replaced. I believe there are still a lot of people out there with these implants and potentially many people who aren’t aware that they even have PIP implants. Another concern is that people may not know all the risks associated with these types of implants.”

If you’re living with PIP implants today or are unsure of whether you have these implants and are considering breast implant replacement surgery we would advise coming to see one of our breast specialists for your no obligation consultation.

For more information on exchanging your breast implants: