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PIP Implant Replacement, Areola Reduction and Scar Revision

This is a surgery video which involves PIP implant replacement, an areola reduction and scar revision from a previous mastopexy our patient had at another clinic. We start off the video with Mr. Richards introducing the patient, stating she had her PIPs inserted in 2007 and they were 250cc in size. In the same procedure, […]

Breast Enlargement and Areola Reduction with 390cc Breast Implants

Aurora is now part of The Private Clinic, a nationwide group of clinics with over 35 years of experience specialising in Cosmetic Surgery and Skin and a Trust Pilot 5 star rating. For comprehensive information, before and after photos and costs on Breast Augmentation procedures click here or for Areola Reduction procedures click here. Our expert Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards is the […]

Areola Reduction and Nipple Reconstruction Surgery

We begin this video with Mr. Richards telling us what he will do during the procedure. We see initial markings on the breast, and the outer circle of skin will be removed. This is shaded for us to see. The nipples are very flat too, so Mr. Richards will perform a correction to make them […]

Bilateral Nipple/Areola Scar Revision

This video is of a patient who has come in for some scar revision around her areolas after having breast implants inserted at a different company. We begin the video with Mr Richards talking us through what the actual procedure is, and how he is going to do it. The implants were inserted originally through […]

PIP Replacement (single Rupture) and Areola Reduction

In this video we have a patient, who originally had Hydrogel implants, and had them replaced with PIP implants. During her original surgery she had an areola reduction, but it hasn’t healed very well, with the scar stretching quite badly, so we are going to be performing an areola reduction as well as a PIP […]

Breast Enlargement and Areola Reduction Surgery

The procedure is introduced by Mr Richards, the surgical director of Aurora Clinics. This procedure is a Breast Enlargement and an Areola Reduction. As the operation is introduced, we see the markings Mr Richards has made, and he explains the area of skin he will be removing as a part of the areola reduction procedure. […]

PIP Replacement and Areola Reduction

Here we have a combination of surgeries, with PIP replacement, along with an Areola Reduction. This patient actually had a mastopexy when her PIPs were inserted, and her areolas have widened and stretched since then, hence the areola reduction procedure. The video begins in a usual manner, with Mr Richards talking about the scar, and […]

Areola Reduction Surgery – From 7.5cm Diameter to Less Than 4cm

This patient came in for an areola reduction, which is a procedure to reduce the size of the circular area around the nipple. The average diameter for an areola is 4cm, whereas this patient came in with areolas of 7.5cm. During the surgery, Mr Richards talks us through the process, showing us his techniques and […]

Breast Implant Removal with Nipple Uplift

Surgical video of Breast Implant removal, Areola Reduction and Nipple uplift combined procedures, performed at Aurora Clinics in Buckinghamshire by plastic surgeon Adrian Richards. The implants were 2 different makes, which is highly unusual, and one of them was severely ruptured during implant removal surgery. The patient had enough breast tissue not to require an […]

Areola Reduction Surgery performed by Mr. Adrian Richards

Live Surgery of Areola Reduction performed by breast surgeon Adrian Richards at Aurora clinics in Buckinghamshire. The areola can stretch as the breast enlarges due to either pregnancy, weight gain or breast augmentation and can easily be fixed with surgery under local anaesthetic and a short downtime. For more information on this type of procedure […]

Nipple and Areola Reduction Surgery

Nipple Reduction – Mr Richards of Aurora Clinics shows an operation to reduce the size of the nipple. In particular he removes skin from around the areolar to reduce its diameter. Nipple Reduction surgery is popular with women who are self conscious about the large protrusive size of their nipples and wish to make permanent correction, […]

Areola Reduction and Inverted Nipple Correction

Surgical procedure of Areola Reduction using permanent stitches to control the size of the areola, combined with Inverted Nipple Correction procedure, performed by plastic surgeon Adrian Richards at Aurora clinics. For more information or should you wish to book a free consultation with our specialist plastic surgeons, please call us on 01844 214362.