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Breast Implants to correct Asymmetry and Tuberous Breasts

Live Breast Implant surgery to correct Breast Asymmetry and Tuberous or Tubular Breasts performed by plastic surgeon Adrian Richards at Aurora Clinics in Buckinghamshire. Our specialist breast surgeon takes us step by step through this Breast Enlargement procedure with detailed explanatory information. To find out more about this type of cosmetic procedure, visit our website […]

Tuberous Breasts – Breast Implant & Release of Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous Breasts deformities are common and are characterised by a high infra-mammary fold and a constricted breast base. Mr Richards corrects this with a breast implant and internal release of the constriction with insertion of a breast implant. For more information or should you wish to book a consultation with our specialist plastic surgeon, please […]

Tuberous Breasts Correction and Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement or Augmentation surgical procedure with Tuberous or Tubular Breasts Correction performed by Adrian Richards at Aurora-clinics in Buckinghamshire and displayed in this video. For more information or should you wish to book a consultation with our specialist plastic surgeons, please call us on 01844 214362.

Correcting Tuberous Breasts with Implants

Mr Adrian Richards performs a breast enlargement live surgery procedure in order to correct tuberous breasts. For more information on Breast Augmentation surgery please visit our treatment pages on Tuberous Breasts or you can contact one of our patient advisors on 01844 214362.

Breast Enlargement Surgery to correct Tuberous Breasts

Mr. Adrian Richards shows how Breast Enlargement surgery can correct tuberous breasts. This is a developmental “deformity” of varying severity. In the most severe cases the breast tissue is “squeezed” so tightly by the constriction at the base that it “herniates” behind the areola. Milder cases are characterized by a tight inframammary fold, often with a downward […]

Breast Enlargement – Implants for Tuberous Breasts

Breast Enlargement (or Augmentation) treatment of Tuberous Breasts with breast Implants.  Mr Richards demonstrates how he releases the constriction in Tuberous or Tubular breasts and uses a silicone breast implants to correct the constriction of the breast base.