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Managing Complications

Mr. Adrian Richards discusses the different types of complications that can occur following minor surgical procedures and best ways to avoid them. This video is intended for medical professionals only.


Brief introduction on types of stitches used in minor surgical procedures and techniques of suturing used for minimum scarring result by Adrian Richards, plastic surgeon and surgical director of Aurora Clinics. This video is aimed at GP professionals who want to improve their minor surgery techniques.

Removal of Extra Nipple from the Chest

Mr. Adrian Richards of Aurora clinics demonstrates a minor surgical procedure of excising an extra nipple from the torso using an efficient technique commonly used for excising skin lesions, with an eliptical incision, deep absorbable stitches to take the tension of the wound and minimal scarring result.

Excision of Epidermoid / Sebaceous Cyst

Mr. Adrian Richards, plastic surgeon of Aurora clinics demonstrates a minor surgical procedure of removing a sebaceous or epidermoid cyst from a lady’s anti-rear neck area under local anaesthetic.

BCC Removal with Local Flap Closure

Mr. Adrian Richards of Aurora clinics performs a minor surgical procedure of removing a large BCC from a gentleman’s shoulder using a stitching technique known as local flap or rhomboid flap to close the defect.

Excision of intra-dermal naevi from the face

Minor surgical procedure of removing an intradermal naevi from the face of a young patient, performed by plastic surgeon Adrian Richards at Aurora clinics. For more information on this type of procedure or should you wish to schedule a consultation with our specialist surgeon, please contact us on 01844 214362.

Removal of Intra-Dermal Naevi by Curettage

Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards of Aurora clinics demonstrates the non surgical procedure of removing intra-dermal naevi (commonly known as moles) from the décolletage and neck area by curettage, using a special curette made by Stiefel, which is very effective and accurate for this type of non surgical procedure. For more information or should you wish […]

How to Remove a Skin Lesion with an Ellipse

Minor surgery training video for General practitioners by Aurora Clinics showing how to remove a skin lesion.  You are shown how to insert deep dermal stitches and suture the wound with a continuous absorbable stitch.

How to Remove a Sebaceous or Epidermoid Cyst

Mr Richards surgical director of Aurora Clinics shows demonstrates how to remove an epidermoid also known as sebaceous cyst. This is part of a series of training videos for general practitioners on minor surgical procedures.

Counterfeit botox

Botulinum toxin, better known as Botox, is one of the most powerful toxins known to man. In practiced hands the use of botulinum toxin supplied my major manufacturers it is incredibly safe. Sub-standard or counterfeit Botox is however incredibly dangerous. Recently on the internet self-treatment Botox kits have become available – the Botox comes in poor […]

Excision of skin lesion from the temple

Mr Richards demonstrates how to remove a skin lesion from the temple. He shows how to inject the Local Anaesthetic, remove the lesion and repair the defect with deep dermal absorbable stitches and fine skin sutures. For more information or should you wish to book a consultation with our specialist plastic surgeon, please call us on […]

What Lesions to Treat vs What Lesions to Refer

Adrian Richards describes a number of lesion treatments that GPs could easily treat with minor surgical procedures, different techniques for minimal scarring result, and types of lesions that would be best to refer to a specialised plastic surgeon with higher degree of potential complications in the best interest of the patients.

Excisional Biopsy

Adrian Richards’s tips on how to perform Excisional Biopsy, why should you choose Excisional Biopsy rather than Incisional Biopsy , the difference between the two, and the result of each of these minor surgical techniques.

Dressing and Aftercare

Adrian Richards’s tips  for GPs on Dressing and Aftercare following a minor surgical procedure to get the best results, best healing process, types of stitches used in different areas of the body, techniques of stitch removal,minimal scarring, and how to avoid complications such as keloid, hypertrophic scars or widening of the wound.

Incisional Biopsy

Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards provides valuable information on how to perform an Incisional Biopsy on a larger lesion, how to treat, preserve, mark and orientate the specimen before sending it in for histology in order to be examined by a Histologist for diagnoses.

Hypertrophic and Keloid Scars

Adrian Richards describes both types of Hypertrophic and Keloid scars and the difference between them, valuable information on their treatment, how to avoid the appearance of Hypertrophic and Keloid scars following surgical or non surgical procedures, best stitching techniques, dressing and aftercare.

Local Anaesthetics

Plastic surgeon Adrian Richards’s advice on best techniques for injecting the Local anaesthetic, how to administer it, what types of needles to use and what are the common mistakes made when it comes to injecting the local anaesthetic.

An Introduction to GP Training Courses on Minor Surgical Procedures

Introduction video of Online Training courses for General Practitioners on Minor Surgical Procedures. Various minor surgical techniques exemplified with videos of procedures in a series of videos. Adrian Richards enumerates  a number of subjects that will be discussed in this series of training courses for GPs.

Removal of Lipoma from Forehead

Adrian Richards shows a live minor surgical procedure of removing a Lipoma from the forehead area, the technique he used for excising the lipoma, local anaesthetic administration, stitching, sutures and dressing of the wound. This video is part of a series of videos aimed at training GPs to perform a number of non surgical techniques […]

How to Remove a large BCC from the Upper Lip

Live minor surgical procedure of removal a large BCC from the Upper lip, performed by plastic surgeon Adrian Richards at Aurora clinic in Buckinghamshire aimed at training GPs to improve their techniques of excising lesions with best possible results.

Histology and Follow-up

This video explais the importance of histology after surgery, which excisions are best to send for histology and how to do it, what are the benefits of keeping a good histology record and what should it contain.