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Possible Complications following Brachioplasty – Arm Lift

Mr. Adrian Richards, leading plastic surgeon in the UK, presents different possible types of complications that can occur following an Arm Lift Surgery, what are the causes, how to prevent them, and how should they be dealt with.

Recovery from Brachioplasty – Arm Reduction Surgery

Mr. Adrian Richards discusses the recovery period following Brachioplasty or Arm Lift procedure , what types of stitches should be used by your surgeon, how to avoid complications following surgery and what types of activities should be avoided during recovery period.

Brachioplasty also known as Surgical Arm Reduction

Mr. Adrian Richards describes the Brachioplasty or Arm Lift procedure, operation that tightens and removes excess skin in the arm area, and the different existing types of Brachioplasty techniques, what they involve, advantages and disadvantages, scarring, and downtime.

Liposuction for Arm Reduction

Mr. Adrian Richards explains the procedure of liposuction performed in Arm Reduction surgery to remove extra fat tissue in the arm area of the body, it’s advantages and disadvantages compared to Brachioplasty, and who might be suitable for this procedure