42mm Stretched Earlobe Repair

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Our expert Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards is the Medical Director for The Private Clinic. Clinics are located in BirminghamBristolBuckinghamshireGlasgowLondon Harley StreetLeedsManchester and Northampton.

This is a video of a stretched earlobe repair, which was stretched to 42mm. The video is voiced over by Mr. Richards, which isn’t our usual format, but we do this sometimes as the patient may not want to have their chatting with Mr. Richards on the video and website. Another reason for the voiceover is because Mr. Richards allows the patient to choose some music to put on during the procedure, and it the beat and base of the music interfered with the sound equipment and made the information Mr. Richards was giving for the benefit of the camera, pretty inaudible.

First action of the video is to remove the plug, which as we stated is 42mm. Then Mr. Richards makes the markings. He tells us that making the markings before the local anaesthetic is inserted is very important, due to the shape of the ear being normal. After the anaesthetic goes in, the ear swells out of shape, and would be too hard to gauge the marks when the ear has swollen like this.

The markings fade a bit as the local is inserted, but they are still visible enough to just go over them again so Mr. Richards knows exactly where he needs to be cutting. Now the actual surgery is under way, the earlobe inside the markings is cut away, and the ear has a very good blood supply, so it quickly needs to be cauterized before it gets too messy.

After this it is the stitching process, and we virtually see the whole thing, almost in real time. Mr. Richards talks about his stitching technique, explaining what he is doing as he does it. Finally once the stitching is complete, Mr. Richards shows the patient the piece of earlobe that he has completely removed, before we end the video.

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