Bilateral Breast Augmentation and Unilateral Nipple Lift

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This is another surgery video brought to you by Aurora Clinics, and performed by Mr Adrian Richards. The procedure in this video is a bilateral breast augmentation with a unilateral nipple lift.

As we begin the surgery video, our patient is already in position, and has also been marked up. Mr Richards talks us through the markings, and what he will be doing during the procedure. The patient has requested implants to be inserted through an incision in the infra-mammary fold, and placed in front of the muscle. She will also be having an uplift on her left breast as she has a lower nipple position on that side.

We skip on sections of the surgery and pick it up with Mr Richards inserting the inflatable sizer. They move up 50cc at a time and all count together in order to avoid a mistake being made. As they continue to increase the size, they realise it looks slightly out of shape, due to the pocket not being extended far enough. They extend the pocket a bit more, and insert a 420cc Nagor implant.

Another large portion of the surgery is now skipped, with the right breast now completed, we have moved over to the left breast. The breast augmentation part has also been skipped, and we are about to embark on the nipple lift. Mr Richards uses a tool called the “cookie cutter” which basically is a right implement with ink on, used to make a perfectly circular mark around the nipple, so he knows where to cut around. As he is making this mark, he tells us the other things he will do, like where the nipple will be lifted to, as well as the skin to be removed. This is all skipped and we end up at the end viewing the final results.The breasts have a much better shape and fullness which will please our patient, and more importantly she has nipples sitting on the same level now, which give her much better symmetry.