Bilateral Breast Augmentation + Inverted Nipple Correction

Here we have a video of surgery, featuring a bilateral breast augmentation and an inverted nipple correction. The video begins with Mr Adrian Richards, the surgical director of Aurora Clinics, introducing the video at the start of the operation. He discusses the grades of the inverted nipples he is about to treat. The nipples on this patient are two different grades of inversion, which is rather common, with one of the nipples being a grade 2 and one a grade 3.
Mr Richards begins with the breast enlargement, making a pocket for the implant to be inserted into. He inserts an inflatable sizer so he can fill the breast with air, to gauge the best size of implant for the patient. The patient requested large implants, and from the sizer 560cc seems like a good fit for the patient.
After inserting both breast implants, and then closing up the wounds, he moves onto the inverted nipples. The surgery starts by putting a stitch through the base of the nipple, and keeping that connected so he can pull the stitch, which will pull the nipple into an everted position. Then Mr Richards draws on the areola where he wants the everted nipple to be positioned. Then a small scalpel is used, making an incision which divides the milk ducts. He does this gently, using the stitch he placed under the nipple at the beginning to manoeuvre the nipple to divide the milk ducts. Once the ducts are divided, the nipple is kept everted in its new position and then stitched up to secure it in place.
At the end of the procedure Mr Richards shows us the finished result, with the tape and dressings on the appropriate areas.

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