Bilateral Implant Replacement and Breast Capsulectomy

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Our patient in this video had her breast implants inserted 10 years ago, which have since gone hard and out of shape. She is coming in today for implant removal and replacement, along with a breast capsulectomy.
The implant is in a worse shape on the left, which Mr Richards says is the right, as it is his right, and he continues to talk about the implants from his perspective rather than the patients throughout the video. Mr Richards feels the left breast, with it being firm and out of shape and discusses the fact it will have a capsule around the implant. The right breast has already been completed, and he gets the capsule to show the camera. He plays with it, turning it inside out and showing how firm it is. He also shows us the indent where the implant was sat within the capsule.
We skip on to after the operation, with both capsules having been removed. The shape of the breasts look much better and look softer to the touch. The implants are quite large, and when comparing the implants to the capsules, it is not hard to see why they were out of shape and very firm, being held in tightly by the capsule. We get shown the capsule from the left breast, and Mr Richards shows how thick the lining of it is. This patient had a total capsulectomy, which means the capsules were removed and not just released, which would be referred to as a capsulotomy.